Liposorber LA-15 System

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 Liposorber LA-15 System

The Liposorber LA-15 System is a blood processing system that is used outside the body. It includes disposable components and a control/monitor unit. The device works by removing certain lipoproteins from a patient’s blood. The Liposorber LA-15 System is used to treat pediatric patients with primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) either before transplant, or after kidney (renal) transplantation in which there is recurrence of FSGS.

The Liposorber® LA-15 System is indicated for use in the treatment of pediatric patients with nephrotic syndrome associated with primary FSGS, when

  • Standard treatment options, including corticosteroid and/or calcineurin inhibitors treatments, are unsuccessful or not well tolerated and the patient has a GFR ≥ 60 ml/min/1.73m2 or
  • The patient is post renal transplantation










A patient’s blood is first passed through a plasma filter where the blood cells are separated from plasma (the liquid component of the blood). The plasma is then further passed through two adsorption columns, which are packed with a gel designed to capture the lipoproteins in the blood. The blood cells and the treated plasma are then returned to the patient via the blood return line.

Approval Date: October 10, 2013


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