Nadipathy Centre in Kakinada gaining popularity with Beach Sand Therapy

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The Nadipathy Centre in Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh is fast growing popular among locals as it has been curing patients suffering from various ailments (normal to chronic) using traditional Nadipathy techniques. Among the various Nadipathy treatment techniques, the Beach Sand Therapy (BeST) is gaining popularity among the locals. “We treat patients from normal to chronic diseases. The process of diagnosis is same in Nadipathy and we prescribe BeST to the patient to get rid of bodily ailments like aching joints, reducing blood pressure, relieving mental tension and providing treatment for skin and muscle problems,” says Dr Krishnam Raju, a prominent Nadipathy specialist.

According to information from Nadipathy Centre in Kakinada, in west Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh a team of researchers have conducted experiments on various patients and from their observation it is found that the BeST has given proven results. Particularly this method is found more effective in curing skin and muscles related ailments. Beach sand has a special mixture of minerals which can be used as a therapy to relieve aching bones and joints and invigorate the body, mind and soul. The BeST is the origin of many Salt therapies popularly known as Salt room therapy. Among some of the techniques used for treating patients the Nadipathy treatment procedures are being rediscovered by even modern day doctors as these techniques are found quite effective and giving fruitful results in keeping patients fit and healthy.

In fact Nadipathy is a traditional form of Indian treatment practiced in olden days. This traditional treatment method uses technique of utilizing conscious energy or techniques of consciousness along with alternative medicines such as acupressure, acupuncture, marma therapy, mudras, meditation, yoga, vedic chikitsa, nadi chikitsa, cupping therapy, moxa therapy, naturopathy, magnet therapy, seed therapy, beach sand therapy, chromo therapy, reflex therapy, sheitsu therapy, detoxification therapy, bown therapy, bach flowers therapy, Su jox, chiroprachic therapy, massage therapy and so on.

Dr Krishnam Raju, who has started a Clinic of his own in Kakinada, is rediscovered the olden treatment techniques and proving successful in the Alternative Medicine system. “Nadipathy” is a combination of more than 100 alternative therapies. It is fully integrated with the new health System. “After going through several ancient systems of Indian alternative Medicine preached in ancient scripts we experimented and found these techniques to be effective giving a stress-free, conscious cleansing and detoxifying body and mind for patients. It rejuvenates the body organs and increase longevity,” says Dr Krishnam Raju.

The techniques of “Nadipathy’ are designed to maintain cardiac, pulmonary, muscular, skeletal, Psychological fitness as well as nutritional fitness. Using Nadipathy techniques Dr Raju has cured patients suffering from paralysis, hypothyroidism, diabetes and gastric problems. The traditional treatment methods are also found effective in regaining vision in some of the patients. Dr Raju also claims that Nadipathy is subjective approach with objective adjustment. This is the way of Indian synthetic thinking or holistic approach towards the self and the universe.

Source: PharmaBiz


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