Urgent need to integrate traditional and modern medicine to provide best healthcare :Shekhar Dutt

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Research efforts taking place in traditional medicines in different parts of the world should be integrated through a global coordination network in order to get better outcome in the modern age, according to Shekhar Dutt, Governor of Chattisgarh.

While delivering the keynote address at the two day seminar on traditional medicines held at Ramachandra University in Chennai, he said that there is an urgent need to integrate traditional medicine with modern system to provide the best healthcare to people. The Governor said that no medicine, whether it is traditional or modern, could be fully effective independently, so there is need for integration.  Tomorrow’s medicine would require improving human body’s ability to develop better immune system,  he said.

The Governor pointed out that  parts of several herbs have different molecules capable of yielding newer drugs and India has a huge biological wealth and a large academic community engaged in research.  Giving examples, he said turmeric has 16 active ingredients and Indian ginger has 17 ingredients, whereas Brazilian ginger is known to have 21 active ingredients.  “We need to integrate our research with those in other parts of the world so that we get better outcome for modern health care”, Dutt said.

Earlier, inaugurating the seminar, Prof H Devaraj, vice chairman, UGC, said, “ apart from integration of traditional systems with modern system of medicine there should be accountability in medical research so that along with horizontal development we have vertical development with concrete results and new drugs discovered in India”.

Prof  R S Ramaswamy, director general, Central Council for Research in Siddha, said, Siddha medicines are being rigorously subjected to regular pharmacological studies to certify non-toxicity for global acceptance and use. Referring to recent uproar regarding toxicity in Siddha medicines, he said constant researches are undertaken to identify if any content of toxicity is there in the drugs. He said one drug, a medicated oil, developed under the system has been found to be very effective for psoriasis, and presently people from many parts of the world are coming to Chennai for treatment. Similarly, another one drug has been found effective for reducing the size of fibroid in the uterus, and its clinical trials are going on.

Dr S P Thyagarajan, Professor of Eminence and Dean Research, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai stressed the need for standardization of Indian formulations of medicinal plants.

Prof  S S Handa, former director, Indian Institute of Integrative Medicines, CSIR and Professor of Head of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Punjab University was conferred with the Life time Achievement Award by the Governor.

Source: PharmaBiz


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