TNMSC invites tender from Gujarat pharma cos

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The Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation (TNMSC) last week invited Gujarat-based manufacturers to participate in the tendering process for supplying medicines to the government hospitals in Tamil Nadu. This move will open up possibilities to the Gujarat based pharma companies to directly supply medicines in bulk to the TNMSC for the purpose of drug procurement and distribution activities which can be strategically used to ensure the availability and supply of essential and lifesaving drugs to the poorest of the poor in the state.

Experts from the industry perceive it as a strategic milestone for the small and medium scale pharma companies in Gujarat, as it will not only help them to get more business opportunities, but will also provide a huge impetus to expand their business further across the country.

In a meeting held with the industry members, Rajendra Ratnoo, managing director of the Corporation expressed his keen interest in attracting the Gujarat players to Tamil Nadu for the scheme of free supply of essential medicines in public health facilities (PHFs). During the interaction, he sensitised them about the TNMSC and the procedures involved in their procurement, storage and distribution. He further stressed that Tamil Nadu government was keen to work with Gujarat based companies to ensure ready availability of all essential drugs and medicines in all the government medical institutions throughout the State.

Gujarat FDCA has been playing an important role in arranging this meet between the industry and the TNMSC to boost the scope of the small scale manufacturers in the state. Dr H G Koshia, commissioner, Gujarat FDCA who was closely associated with the same, pointed out that the industry has been very pleased with the offer as it shows the level of confidence that TNMSC has in the Gujarat based pharma companies.  He added, “This will provide opportunity galore to the SMEs to promote their products not only locally within the state, but in TN as well. Moreover, it will further strengthen the confidence among the manufacturers to think big and reach out to other states as well for such projects to promote Gujarat made products, which are of highest quality.”

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Gujarat and Tamil Nadu government have extended their working relation. In fact, to ensure timely availability of affordable medicines to the weaker sections of the society in Gujarat, the Health and Family Welfare Department had last year submitted a proposal to the State government urging it to make the Central Medical Stores Organisation (CMSO) an independent corporation in lines with the TNMSC.

TNMSC is engaged in the procurement, storage and supply of 268 drugs and medicines, 84 suture items and 63 surgical items to various government hospitals, primary health centres and through them to the health subcentres throughout the state. They are also engaged in procurement, storage and distribution of 114 veterinary drugs to the various veterinary dispensaries under the control of the Directorate of Animal Husbandry.

Source: PharmaBiz


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