GE Healthcare introduces molecular imaging system for cancer detection

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GE Healthcare has launched an advanced Positron Emission Tomography- Computed Tomography (PET- CT) molecular imaging system named Discovery IQ, developed with an investment of Rs.90 crore. Discovery IQ is the outcome of 3 years of close collaborative development between Indian nuclear medicine physicians and oncologists.

The equipment comes with advanced early disease detection capabilities and measurements to understand patient’s response to cancer treatment.

“Three years back, we promised to develop an advanced yet affordable PET-CT to improve access to early cancer detection. We have realized the commitment to provide an advanced PET- CT that is 40 per cent more affordable and can usher in personalized treatment for the patient. We are extremely thankful to the Indian healthcare providers for their close collaboration and insights into their needs that has helped develop this important weapon against cancer,” said Terri Bresenham, president and CEO, GE Healthcare South Asia.

“Molecular imaging is the epitome of healthcare imaging technologies. GE is very pleased to demonstrate to the world India’s capabilities in developing the most sophisticated medical technologies,” she added.

An advanced imaging centre requires a PET-CT to scan the human body and a cyclotron to produce bio-markers that can light up cancer cells. However, setting up of a molecular imaging centre is expensive and calls for Rs.30 crore investment which has prevented setting up of such early detection technology in India. With the support of several Indian entrepreneurs, GE has built a robust network of cyclotrons to minimise the investment required to set up a molecular imaging centre.

Approximately 70 per cent of cancer patients do not respond to their initial chemotherapy treatment. Now a PET-CT can help physicians determine if the treatment is beneficial with one or two chemotherapy cycles and reduces overall cost to the patient.

R Sureshkumar, general manager, PET-CT Product Development, GE Healthcare, says: “If clinicians are given accurate and reliable solutions to determine whether the treatment is working or not, they will be able to tailor a regimen of therapies according to individual patient response and needs.”

“With affordable Discovery IQ PET-CT from GE Healthcare, PET-CT can become an integral part of cancer care management for cancer centres in India,” said N R Balamurugan, director, oncology, GE Healthcare South Asia.

Source: PharmaBiz


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