Industry applauds state govt initiative to include VG Ayurveda World Expo 2015 in concurrence with VG 2015

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With a view to boost the scope of ASU industry, Gujarat government through its Vibrant Gujarat (VG) initiative, has decided to dedicate an entire pavilion for the Ayurveda industry for the first time, by arranging Vibrant Gujarat Ayurveda World Expo 2015 in concurrence with Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2015.

Industry insiders feel that this will provide a plethora of  growth opportunities for the ASU sector, by generating better market awareness about the Ayurveda industry world wide. According to Gujarat Ayurvedic Aushadh Manufacturers Association (GAAMA) being part of such globally accepted forum, will provide huge encouragement to the industry, which has been grappling with issues and concerns due to constant negligence from the Government.

While stressing that the event will certainly play an important role in attracting prospective investment opportunities for the sector, Prabodh Shah, president, GAMMA pointed out that pro-active support from the Department of Ayush will also go a  long way to help the industry grow. “We hope that the Centre will keenly look into collaborate with the VG committee to ensure better participation from the industry. Especially since, it will help the industry more if the government will endorse the same through sensitisation drive and subsidies,” Shah said.

VG summit, a two-day biennial event organised by the Gujarat Government with an aim to bring together business leaders, investors, educational and research institutes, corporations, thought leaders and policy makers, has witnessed a staggering number of new investors coming into the state. Shah hopes that full fledged support from the government will open up the market for the sector and encourage better participation of ASU industry.

Shah added, “Most importantly, we will be able to portray Gujarat as not only a brand pharma but also brand Ayurveda hub in front of the world, to attract future investment. This will surely benefit  and set as a benchmark for the Ayurveda medicine manufacturers and the industry as a whole in creating awareness about the industry.”

Source: PharmaBiz


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