‘Pharmalive’ new software application for pharmacies, distributors unveiled

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‘Pharmalive’ a software application meant for pharmacies, drug distributors and pharmaceutical sales executives is unveiled in Hyderabad. This new application is mainly focused at easing the procedure of supply of medicines from distributor to the pharmacy outlets.

The new application which is launched by Sreeya Infotech software solutions in Hyderabad is designed to simplify the tedious task of checking inventory at pharma stores and drug distributor stocks for essential drugs and based on the information, the application enables the pharma store keeper or the drug distributor to put the order immediately and avail the required medical stocks in just few minutes of time.

According to Sreedhar, managing director, Sreeya Infotech Software Solutions, the new application is mainly designed to speed up the supply of medicinal drugs from drug distributors to the pharmacy outlets, which otherwise usually takes at least 2-3 days of time for the shopkeeper to find the exhaust stocks and put the orders for the purchase of the medicines with a sales executive and get confirmation from the distributors. Similarly at the distributor side, it is very tedious task to keep the regular account of a particular pharmacy and its orders. Keeping all this into view, Sreeya Infotech has designed the new and innovative solution called Pharmalive, using which traders can ease the procedures of distribution and supply of medicines.

This unique solution enables the pharmacy, the sales executive and the drug distributor to check their inventory for availability of required medicines within just few minutes and put the order for the purchase instantly. Similarly, the distributor who uses this application will also instantly know whether a particular medicine stock is available or not and immediately sends and SMS to that particular pharmacy about the availability and confirms the transaction immediately.

“Using this Pharmalive application, a sales executive who has a tablet PC with Pharmalive application can not only instantly put an order by checking the stocks with the retail outlet, but can also update the photograph of the owner of retailer and even take digital signature for confirmation. Based on the order, the distributor too can instantly send a sms to the retailer and confirm the order,” says the managing director while explaining about the Pharmalive application.

Using this new Pharmalive application, the pharmacy outlets not only saves time, but also keeps their inventory information updated regularly. “We generally take at least two hours of time every day checking out the availability of our medical stocks. With this application, we will save lot of time and it also speeds up the supply of medicines from distributors to retailers, with instant online orders,” opined a pharmacist at Balaji Medical shop at Santoshnagar in Hyderabad.

Source: PharmaBiz


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