Dr Rao VSV Vadlamudi elected president of IPA

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Dr Rao V S V Vadlamudi has been elected as the president of Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), the oldest and biggest association of pharmaceutical professionals in the country, for the term 2014-16.

Dr Rao Vadlamudi has been the editor of Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IJPS), the scientific publication of IPA since 1998 and is currently, the director of St Peter‘s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Warangal. With a brilliant stint of over three decades in industry and academia, Dr Vadlamudi brings with him an assorted mix of skill sets that are essential for leading IPA that is set to complete 75 glorious years of professionally enriched existence in December this year.

The other office bearers who have also been elected for the term include Kaushik Desai as honorary general secretary, Dr Surendra Manek as honorary treasurer, Dr Alka Mukne as editor-Pharma Times, Dr Divakar Goli as editor-IJPS, Dr T V Narayana as chairperson–education division, Manjiri Gharat as chairperson-community pharmacy division, Dr Subhash Rijhwani as chairperson-industrial pharmacy division, Dr Subhash Mandal as chairperson-regulatory affairs division and Dr Ramesh Adepu as chairperson-hospital pharmacy division. SD Joag has been appointed as secretary general of IPA.


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