Physicians to soon get new revised model prescription format

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While Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) efforts to implement uniform and good prescription practices by launching a model prescription format is on since February, a new revised model prescription format is currently being drafted by Medical Council of India (MCI) in consultation with Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), State Pharmacy Council and FDA.

Scheduled to be out in coming two weeks time, the revised model prescription format would be an answer to the practical difficulties faced by physicians in implementing FDA’s model prescription format like writing the names of the medicines in Capital Letters, patient’s address, specifying doctor’s qualification and registration number in addition to giving generic drug names.

MCI will hold a meeting of all the stakeholders comprising of state council presidents and MMC on May 4, 2014 in Delhi to contemplate on issues faced by physicians in implementing FDA’s model prescription format which was issued on February 28, 2014 by the hands of Chief Minister to discourage irrational use of drugs and combat multi-drug resistance.

According to Dr Kishor Taori, president, MMC,”We will be consulting Maharashtra FDA based on the recommendations of the meeting with the stakeholders to come out with a new model prescription format within 15 days. Maharashtra FDA has done an excellent job in coming out with the format as it will stall quackery but it needs to be made simpler and physician friendly.”

As per the contentious FDA format, it is statutory requirement to mention name of the prescriber on cash or credit memo of the drugs under Rule 65(3) and authenticate prescription. Therefore, the prescription shall bear doctor’s full name as mentioned in her or his registration certificate. To know competency and genuineness of prescriber, the prescription shall bear doctor’s primary qualification such as MBBS or BAMS followed by subsequent qualifications. Prescription shall bear the registration number of doctor’s registration with their respective council. The registration number should be prefixed with letters indicating the council in which doctor has registered her or his name.

“MMC plans to have simpler and more practical prescription format in the near future. It is tough for doctors who have to write prescriptions every five minutes to follow the FDA model,” an MMC official said.

The FDA format also states that it is statutory requirement to mention the address of the prescriber on the cash or credit memo of the drugs under Rule 65 (3) and the patient and pharmacist should know where the prescriber is practicing and, therefore, prescription shall bear complete address of clinic or hospital where the prescriber is practicing. The prescription shall have telephone number and e-mail address of prescriber.

As per the Rule 65 (10) prescription shall be dated and prescription shall specify the name and address of the person for whose treatment it is given or name and address of the owner of the animal if the drug is meant for veterinary use.

The Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulation, 2002 under Indian Medical Council Act 1956 under Code of Medical Ethics at 1.5 prescribes as “Every physician should as far as possible prescribe drugs with Generic names and he or she shall ensure that there is a rational prescription and rational use of drugs”. Therefore, prescription shall bear the name of medicine as Generic name. The name of medicine should be in Capital letters in legible manner. If the prescriber is not sure about generic name he shall add following instructions on the prescription above her or his signature. “Or any other cheaper generic medicine as per choice of patient.”

Prescription shall invariably bear strength of the medicine. Eg. paracetamol tablets 500 mg., amoxycillin capsules 250 mg and shall also bear a proper dosage form of medicine prescribed. eg. tablets, capsules, syrups, creams etc.

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