Venus Remedies bags additional patent for Vancoplus in US

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Venus Remedies Ltd, has bagged additional patent for Vancoplus from USPTO. Vancoplus is an antibiotic adjuvant entity effective in the most deadly resistance by Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Developed by the Venus Medicine Research Centre (VMRC), the R&D wing of Venus Remedies, Vancoplus is the only solution till date for MRSA with more than 9 per cent of success rate.

“The patent is valid till 2032. We have already initiated the process for pre IND meeting with US FDA and we are quite optimistic to get a fast track approval for this product because MRSA is under the list of limited pathogens identified under GAIN act by FDA and Vancoplus falls in that QIDP category,” said Dr Manu Chaudhary, Joint managing Director, Venus Remedies.

The company already has a product patent for Vancoplus from US PTO, this additional patent with broader coverage for use and method of treatment will be beneficial for the company. The formulation will be commercialised in the US market through technology transfer/outlicensing of exclusive marketing rights route and we are open for such deals.

Vancoplus is a novel antibiotic adjuvant entity highly effective against MRSA, VISA, hGISA and mixed bacterial infections of gram negative & gram positive pathogens. Vancoplus is the best and safest option to address such infections. It is also active against different mechanisms of resistance such as Cell Membrane impermeability, Efflux pumps, Biofilms, which no other therapeutic options available are able to address.

It took Venus Medicine Research Centre (VMRC) more than seven years to develop this product, which has received an overwhelming response from the medical fraternity in India since it was launched in the country four years ago and is growing with more than 25% CAGR in Indian market.

“In view of the increased  prevalence of MRSA, VRSA and hGISA infections, Vancoplus will be the need of the hour, due to its high potency against these infections and mixed bacterial infection of gram negative & gram positive pathogens. We have developed Vancoplus to address this unmet need,” said Dr Chaudhary.

Besides this, Venus has also secured US patent for its novel research products Elores  Potentox and Achnil.

Source: PharmaBiz


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