Merrimack Pharma to present clinical data on four novel antibody cancer therapeutics at ASCO 2014

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Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, announced it will present clinical data on four novel antibody cancer therapeutics at the 2014 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, May 30-June 3, 2014 at McCormick Place in Chicago. These presentations showcase Merrimack’s broad oncology pipeline.

“ASCO is an exciting opportunity for us to share the first Phase 2 clinical data from our systems biology-driven MM-121 programme. We believe these data identify a biomarker-positive set of patients across multiple cancers who do not perform well on standard of care therapies but who may significantly benefit from co-administration of MM-121,” said Gavin MacBeath, Co-Founder and senior vice president at Merrimack. “These data also increase our confidence in our ongoing Phase 2 study of MM-111 in gastric cancer, where we are now prospectively evaluating a biomarker-positive population based on these new insights into ErbB3 biology. We also look forward to sharing Phase 1 data from our MM-141 and MM-151 programmes as we seek to advance these therapies to Phase 2 development, along with our targeted nanoliposome MM-302.”

Merrimack’s systems biology platform integrates the fields of biology, computing and engineering to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the key drivers of tumour growth and survival and the best ways to counteract them therapeutically. These insights allow Merrimack to deploy proprietary antibody and nanoliposomal technologies to enable the precise targeting of cancers, based on signaling pathways and the tumour microenvironment.

“We believe that our rigorous understanding of cancer biology will enable us to transform cancer care over time. Our systems biology approach, nanoliposomal and antibody technologies, and diagnostic capabilities have broad applications and offer opportunities for significant treatment advances for patients,” said Robert Mulroy, president and chief executive officer at Merrimack. “The presentations at ASCO, along with our recently reported positive data for MM-398 combination therapy in metastatic pancreatic cancer, highlight the progress we are making across our entire clinical pipeline.”

Source: PharmaBiz


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