CDSCO to set up training academy in Hyderabad with investment of Rs.50 cr

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In a first of its kind initiative, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) will be investing Rs.50 crore under the 12th five year plan, for setting up a unique training academy in Hyderabad. The Government has already sanctioned the funds for the same and once completed, the academy will be an ideal training ground for not only the newly recruited officials from the drug regulatory body but also for all the existing employees as well.

Under the sanctioned proposal, the CDSCO will be building a state of the art academy in Hyderabad considering that it is one of the major pharma hub of the country, with many pharmaceutical companies in and around the area. Moreover, it is also strategic located close to other major pharma manufacturing states like Maharashtra and Gujarat

A highly placed source from the CDSCO’s office further informed that the training programme will be mandatory with all the members compulsorily undergoing the training programeme in three phases. The first will be the induction phase where new entrants will be given a detailed training on their function etc as per international standards. The second phase will include basic training for all the officials to keep them updated on the changing trends and the third one will consist of advanced training programme which will be on a re-current basis for the all the drug officials to under go.

According to the source, lack of trained manpower had always been a bone of contention affecting the reputation of the Indian drug regulatory body, which had almost always led to question the quality of services rendered by them. Thus, this move is aimed at improving the standard of services so that they can be at par with their international counterparts.

“Establishing such an academy will help in addressing the lacunae in system which had prevented the Indian regulatory officials from being at the top. One of the biggest thrust behind this move is to strengthen the regulatory system by training the officials as per the latest developments across the globe. This they aim to do by training new recruits and by providing refreshers course to the existing employees to update them on the frequently changing regulatory requirements. This will not only improve the standard of services, by keeping the officials abreast and prepared for meeting all the challenges thrown to them due to the frequently changing market dynamics,” informed the source.

Source: PharmaBiz


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