Clinical Trial Registry – China

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Clinical Trial Registry – China

Chinese Clinical Trial registry

  1. Chinese Clinical Trial Register (ChiCTR) is hosted on Chinese Evidence-Based Medicine Center, West China Hospital, Sichuan University.
  2. The Chinese Clinical Trial Register is a non-profit organisation, is established according to both the WHO International Clinical Trials Register Platform Standard and Ottawa Group Standard.
  3. Chinese Clinical Trial Register provides the services include register for trials, consultation for trial design, central randomization for an allocation sequence, peer review for draft articles and training for peer reviewers.
  • Complete registration 8645
  • Prospective registration 6161
  • Retrospective registration 2481
  • Interventional 5232
  • Prevention 104
  • Diagnostic test 341
  • Cause 169
  • Prognose study 84
  • Epidemilogical research 134
  • Relative factors research 267
  • Observational 2312

Guideline For Registration

  1. Which clinical studies should be registered?
  2. Free registration
  3. Steps of registration
  4. Results data requirement
  5. Requirements Mandatory: The registrant has to provide a copy of ethics approval letter and the study protocol including informed consent which should be uploaded via registration form.

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