Govt should take steps to promote Ayurveda

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With the resurgence of alternative medicines – mainly Ayurvedic medicines, we hope the government to make impediments in FTAs to promote such indigenous developments in the international markets. Ayurveda has proved its potential time and again, we must promote this stream of medicine which is a healthcare boon originated in India.

Currently, there are is no FTA between India and EU, which is a major roadblock when it comes to taking the Indian culture to the world. Furthermore, the govt needs to provide a conducive eco-system domestically to encourage investment in raw material processing and infrastructure development. Exports of ayurvedic drugs and allied herbal products currently stands at Rs 440 crore, however, the potential is that of over Rs 7,000 crore. We look forward to the governments support in making India an export hub for Ayurveda medication.

The author, Sanjay Dalmia is Promoter, Dalmia Medicare. 



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