Medical experts see short-stay & affordability in day care bone marrow transplant a viable option for India

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Short-stay and affordability are inclined to propel day care bone marrow transplant (BMT) as a practical option for India. This day care procedure for BMT is viewed as a paradigm shift in Indian healthcare, stated medical experts.

Day care BMT is in vogue globally. Early identification and effective treatment of complications has made day care BMT a possibility. The procedure is a less toxic chemotherapy option. All that is needed is a sound knowledge of this medical science along with 24/7 services of a dedicated transplant team, noted the experts from BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai enterprise.

BMT is a life-saving procedure for various disorders like leukemia, bone marrow failure, thalassemia, multiple myeloma, among others. Patient’s quality of care is not compromised in day care. Chemotherapy and stem cell infusion are carried out as a day care procedure. The patient will continue to follow up with the doctor every day.

The hospital has already treated five patients at its Bengaluru facility for multiple myeloma and mini-allo procedure for various hematological disorders. It recently highlighted the well being of its patient who was one among the five cases.

The key objective is to drive affordability for low risk transplants as utilization of hospital resources and manpower are maximised. Going forward, we see BMT a feasible option in a developing country like India. Major limitation of performing this procedure is the associated financial burden. Most patients cannot afford this costly treatment, pointed out Dr Sachin Jadhav, Group in charge, Hematology and BMT, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bengaluru.

The day care BMT brings down cost of care by almost half, making it more affordable. The cost for in-patient admission is between Rs.6-8 lakh for autologous procedure as against the day care which is Rs.3 lakh, explained Dr Mahesh R, Head of Dept. of Hematology and BMT, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals.

As a pioneer in offering day care BMT in the country, we have proved that it is a combination of medical talent pool, infrastructure and cost-effectiveness of treatment protocol which indicates that Indian medical centres led BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals is on par with the western world to offer day care BMT, noted Dr. Jadhav.

Currently, the day care BMT team at the BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals includes Dr Anand Kumar, Consultant Pediatric Oncologist and BMT Physician and Dr Sunil Udgire, Pediatric Oncologist and BMT.

According to both Dr. Kumar and Dr. Udgire, the presence of Pediatric Oncologist/BMT physician is mandated going by the rise in blood disorders among children and adults. Although the treatment protocols are similar, yet there is a need for comprehensive expertise during the procedure.

A key challenge to this treatment protocol is infection prevention. co-ordinated efforts from the medical specialists and sound nursing practices enable early detection of any untoward complications post the BMT procedure. A battery of lab tests with close monitoring of vital and fluid parameters would make the medical team cope during an emergency. Moreover, the patient is admitted only if the white blood cell count drops to critically low levels, stated the medical experts.

While the country is recognised for its BMT procedures on the one hand, there is need for extensive awareness and education on this disorder across physicians, paediatricians and patients, said the medical experts.

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