Indian Pharma market posts 7.5% growth in June 2017 at Rs.9,463 cr

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Indian Pharmaceutical market has registered satisfactory growth of 7.5 per cent during June 2017 to Rs.9,463 crore as major chronic therapy like anti-diabetic segments achieved double digit growth of 18.3 per cent. However, monthly growth has been pulled down by the volumes of the established products. FDC related market show a de-growth of 10.9 per cent on account of lower volumes, while the non FDC market moved up by 7.9 per cent. Total 222 brands & 414 SKUs launched in June 2017 and Sertaspor, Xpreza, Aptamil, ShelcalXT, Otriving fast and Itraget remained top.

As per AIOCD Pharmasofttech AWACS report, Indian companies showed a positive growth of 2 per cent while MNC showed a degrowth of 36.1 per cent in the FDC segment in the months of June 2017.

Amongst the top 10 corporate, Zydus has the highest growth of 19.4 per cent followed by Lupin at 16.4 per cent and Macleods at 12.5 per cent. Glaxo is showing signs of recovery by posting monthly growth of 9.2 per cent.

Amongst the top 50 corporate, Bharat Serum has the highest growth of 21.8 per cent followed by Novartis growth at 21 per cent and Zydus at 19.4 per cent. 22 corporate have crossed the growth of IPM for June 2017 and 12 companies showed growth of more than 10 per cent as compared to 16 companies in the previous month.

During the last three years, total 43 companies launched in which 4 companies cross Rs.10 crore in revenue. Indian companies grew by 6.9 per cent while MNC grew by 10.1 per cent in last 3 years. Novartis grew at 21 per cent followed by Sanofi growing at 18.3 per cent and Boehringer Ingelheim which grew at 16 per cent. In the non NLEM category Indian companies grew at 8.2 per cent whereas MNCs grew at 11.8 per cent. The NLEM 2013 containing molecules market degrowth at 3.5 per cent whereas the non NLEM market grew by 8.9 per cent resulting in an overall growth of 7.5 per cent for the June 2017.

From therapy perspective 9 therapies have outgrown the IPM growth during June 2017. Respiratory market grew at 3 per cent, gastro intestinal market grew at 6.2 per cent, pain & Analgesics market grew at 5.3 per cent and anti infective posted a positive growth of 3 per cent. Anti-malarials degrew at 12 3 per cent & VMS market was stagnant at 1.6 per cent. Derma moved up by 8.1 per cent which is slightly slower that May 2017.

From regional perspective 11 regions have outgrown the IPM growth and 9 regions had negative growth in June 2017. South Rajasthan market grew the highest at 53.9 per cent followed by North Rajasthan at 43.7 per cent and Jarkand at 36.5 per cent.

Among the brands, Mixtard leads the pack with Rs.43 crore followed by Glycomet GP at Rs.37 crore, spasmoproxyvon plus at Rs.42 crore, lantus at Rs.33 crore, galvus met at 40 crore, liv 52 Rs.26 crore and Janumet at Rs.32 crore during June 2017. Azilsartan is a recently launched molecule now valued at 24 crore. With in antidiabetic category there are 7 brands launched in the month and with the VMS category there have been 10 brands launched.

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