TN govt appoints K Sivabalan as In-charge Director of DCA

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TN_DC.jpgThe government of Tamil Nadu has given charge of the state director of drugs control administration (DDCA) to K. Sivabalan, the joint director in the department.

Sivabalan has taken charge as in-charge director following the retirement of M. Abdul Khader on June 30. He has been working as the JD for the last two years.

Soon after taking charge of the director, Sivabalan has taken measures to counter any shortage of drugs in community pharmacies or in hospital pharmacies following implementation of GST, He said instruction has been given to all the ADC offices across the state to monitor the stock and supply of medicines in the retail shops. According to him his primary aim is to initiate measures to make all drugs available in each part of the state.

In the wake of reports of shortage of medicines in certain shops following confusions on GST, the department has announced help-line number for the public to contact the DC offices for any kind of information or requirement of medicines. The website of the department has been updated with the contact details of all officers in the zonal and district offices for the public to contact them for any requirement of medicines in their areas. The director’s office number has also been as a help line number. (Sources from the department shared the URL of the website announcement with Pharmabiz for public information- <;.

An official with more than 32 years of experience in drugs control administration, Sivabalan has initiated several prosecutions against malpractices in the trade sector and manufacturing industry. He joined the department of drugs control as drug inspector in the year 1985. Before became the JD, he was the deputy director in charge of intelligence wing of the department. During his tenure as the DDC, he had detected several cases of spurious drugs issues and initiated actions against the violators.

Regarding future plans, he said there will not be any compromise on his part for actions against any kind of drug laws and measures will be taken to reach all the drugs to the needy persons in any part of the state with correct prices.

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