Clinical study show most women with UTI prone to antibiotic resistance

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A recent clinical trial study by Urologists have revealed that women are more prone to antibiotic resistance as the tolerance of microorganisms to antibiotics is found to be very high in them while treating urinary tract infection (UTI).

According to Altaf Naveed, a practicing doctor from a medical college in Hyderabad seventy five per cent of women who have been treated for urinary tract infection have exhibited resistance to first and second line antibiotics resistance. “The main reason for this is the indiscriminate and irrational use of antibiotics among women. “In our clinical trials we have found that urinary tract infection is more prevalent among women than men. The major reason for this is that either antibiotics are underused, overused or misused among the studied groups,” said Dr. Naveed.

As part of the clinical trials study conducted by the doctor, out of 248 samples collected for the urine culture, 186 samples had no bacteria growth which showed that the patient had different types of antibiotics. Sixty two samples showed Escherichia coli, Klebsiella species and proteus species of bacteria. “Culture of urine is carried out before starting the treatment to understand the use of appropriate antibiotic therapy. But no culture means that all the existing first and second line antibiotics have been used and hence the extreme antibiotics have to be administered to treat the infection,” reveals Dr. Altaf.

As per the study it is revealed that seventy five per cent of samples collected for diagnosing the urinary tract infections (UTIs) found that there was no bacterial growth in urine culture due to indiscriminate use of antibiotics to treat infections.

The research had further found that women are more prone to UTI as they have shorter urethras. Recurrent UTI shows that the bacteria are still inside and the infection has not been completely eliminated. “Lower tract UTI has to be treated properly otherwise it can affect the functioning of the kidney. Drug resistance is one of the most common problems seen in women as the tolerance of microorganisms to antibiotics is found to be very high,” reveals Dr. G. Srinivas, a leading urologists, associated with the study.

The medical research at the clinical level had found that 3 out of 10 women face the problem of resistance to the first line of antibiotics and 2 out of 10 are resistance to higher grades of antibiotics.

According to experts, the major cause of increased antibiotic resistance is inappropriate use of drugs by patients. Majority patients do not complete the course of their treatment and stop using the medicine in between and save the same medicine for future use. Not only this, it is also revealed that many of the patients use a combination of Ayurveda and the modern medicine to treat the infection and some of them even go for self prescription of antibiotics by using the old prescription. This aggravates the condition and increases the antibiotic resistance among the bacteria.

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