‘Single specialty healthcare for women & child vertical has huge growth opportunity in India’

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Single specialty healthcare for women and child vertical has huge growth opportunity in India considering the huge number of neonatal deaths. To bring down this mortality rate in the country, many more neo natal intensive care units (NICUs) are required, stated Vijayarathna V, CEO, Motherhood Hospitals’.

Airing a similar note Vishal Bali, executive chairman, Asia Healthcare Holdings & Senior Advisor – Healthcare, TPG Growth said that this women and child vertical is certainly one of the key opportunities for the future growth of Indian healthcare

Recently the Bengaluru-based Motherhood announced an investment of Rs.15 crore out of the US$ 35 million it received from TPG Growth in 2016 to expand and strengthen its neonatal care services.

The 70 NICU beds across its hospitals in Bengaluru and over 100 in the country could transform the infant care services. The NICU expansion also includes an advanced ambulance equipped with Globetrotter. This is an incubator with ventilator to transport sick babies across 400 kilometers on road to ensure timely and safe hospital admissions, Vijayarathna told Pharmabiz in a telecon.

“Currently Motherhood has 4 hospitals in Bengaluru with a 5th facility currently under execution. There are multiple new hospitals underway at Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. It is planning a 35 per cent increase in the NICU beds against the overall bed strength at each of its facilities. There is a huge shortfall in NICUs and we can address the need”, he added.

India accounts for the highest infant mortality globally. Around 0.75 million newborns do not survive annually. Neonatal period of first 28 days is the highest risk of mortality per day. The daily risk of mortality in the first 4 weeks is 30-fold higher than the post-neonatal period. Still, new-born health did not receive the adequate attention until in the past decade. This resulted in a decline in neonatal mortality. Preterm complications & infections are the two causes for neonatal fatality. “Therefore infant mortality is a concern and a national priority. We are working to do our bit to improve infant healthcare,” said Vijayarathna.

In order to ensure 360 degree care, Motherhood with its funding from TPG has repositioned itself with a completely different strategy from a birthing centre to a comprehensive platform by strengthening infant care with additional NICU beds. It is also augmenting the women’s health services to offer gynecology surgeries and reproductive medicine.

“When TPG made its first funding in 2016 into Motherhood it was able to increase its bed capacity from 70 to 100 and now it is executing 200 beds across India. Neonatal is one area that indicates a massive demand and supply gap. Now Motherhood has the clinical capabilities and the technology”, said Bali.

“Our expertise which included 34 neonatologists is proving that single specialty healthcare for women and child vertical indicates huge growth opportunity”, said Vijayarathna.

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