Ayush ministry and SEPC sign MoU for promotion of Ayush services

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The National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) of the Ministry of Ayush and Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC), New Delhi have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on February 18, 2019 to explore the possibilities of coordination and collaboration in the field of promotion of Ayush services.

The primary role of the NMPB under this MoU is to develop an appropriate mechanism for coordination between ministries, departments and organisations in India and to implement support programs and policies for overall (conservation, cultivation, trade and export) growth of medicinal plants sector both at the Central/state and international levels.

As per the MoU, both the parties have mutually agreed to cooperate within the prevailing Acts, Rules and Regulation, to cooperate& collaborate for digital and print media marketing campaigns ( Marketing through advertising mediums could include promotional efforts made via the internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic bill boards as well as digital and television and radio channels) of their respective activities; to promote healthcare services by various above the line and below the line marketing measures and use of logo and emblem by both the parties; to share & support the common platform of services by playing proactive roles in their respective areas participating actively in national and international events; to cooperate & collaborate under international cooperation scheme; and to cooperate/collaborate to prepare a catalogue of Ayush hospitals, wellness destinations.

Besides, the SEPC is mandated to identify and explore possibilities of potential countries (International markets) for setting up of base for Ayush; and to identify and explore possibilities of potential countries and medicinal plant species for export and import and to work for ease of business. Both the parties will cooperate in the field of skill up gradation, capacity building and awareness at national and international level in Ayush sector.

This MoU was signed between CEO, NMPB and Director General, Services Export Promotion Council under the presence of Secretary, Ministry of Ayush.

In the signing ceremony, Dr. Manoj Nesari Adviser (Ay.), Dr KS Sethi Adviser (Homoeopathy), Dr. Mohd. Tahir Adviser (Unani), representatives from Ayush Councils and Pharmacopoeia Commission of Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy, (PCIM&H) were also present.

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