CTMR to conduct series of workshops to identify qualified siddha practitioners & recognize bona fide method of treatment

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In order to identify and recognize bona fide method of Siddha treatment and filter factitious healing by quacks claiming traditional methods, the Centre for Traditional Medicines and Research (CTMR), an NGO working for the welfare of Siddha system in Chennai, is starting a series of workshops across the state from March 23.

The first in the series will be conducted at CPR convention centre in Alwarpet in the city on Saturday, 23rd March. The program is conducted in association with CPR Environmental Education Centre, Chennai. The workshops are conducted mainly to educate those who do not understand Tamil language and wish to follow Siddha system.

CTMR, which was in a dormant state for the last two-three years, has revived its activities recently with multiple programs with the support of central and state ayush ministries, sources informed. According to Dr. T Thirunarayanan, secretary of the Centre, advertisements by quacks in print and visual media make it difficult for the common man to identify the qualified and registered Siddha physicians. Very often people are misguided by advertisements making fake claims. Against this, CTMR has decided to provide right understanding about Siddha medicines, registered centres and qualified practitioners.

“Siddha system of medicine is an ancient system of well codified indigenous system of medicines practised over 2000 years in India. Its literature is only in Tamil. People from other states and countries living in the metro city of Chennai find it difficult to understand its basics, its approach to disease free life, health promotion and for what clinical conditions the system can be used. The workshops are meant for their benefits”, said Dr. Thirunarayanan.

He said even people living in Tamil Nadu have confusion between home remedies and Siddha system, which has a strong basic concept on which it was built on. The flooding of information on the benefits of various herbs, food and practices and tall claims in the social media further confuse people.

The workshops will cover the basic principles of siddha, health promotion practices, cultivation of medicinal plants and utility, healthy food and lifestyle, safe and natural personal care products. There will be four sessions from 9 AM to 6 PM. Siddha experts with exposure to various ethnic groups’ lifestyle and health issues will conduct the workshops.

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