Saveetha Medical College & Hospital in Chennai to introduce Fellowship Programme in Medical Clowning

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The Chennai-based Saveetha Medical College and Hospital, in association with MeDiClown Academy is offering an accredited and certified ‘Fellowship in the Art and Science of Medical Clowning’ (FASMC), sources from the medical college informed.

According to sources, this programme will integrate the therapeutic art and science of happiness, humour and healing through laughter, joy, play and love. The programme is designed for aspirants in health and wellness, education, social sector and corporate organizations, to facilitate a happy and healthy India for everybody.

Clowning in healthcare as a profession has been practiced in the western world for over 30 years, and is now a global discipline and career. Medical Clowns are highly specialized, trained and qualified professionals. International Scientific Research (ISR) has shown that Medical Clowning has a significant positive impact in improving mental, emotional and physical health. Stress, anxiety and depression decrease along with a number of conditions and illnesses including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and infertility, they said.

The FASMC programme will include workplace protocols, research, sustainable health and well-being techniques, theatre and theatrical practices, core academics and fieldwork such as shadowing International Medical Clowns, amongst other training modules. The duration of this full-time course is 6-months/600 hours. Criteria for application includes a bachelor or post-graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university. The course will open up avenues for graduates to venture into new career lines.

Founded in 2013, MeDiClown Academy is a registered activity of the Auroville Foundation, incubated as a social startup by Fif Fernandes and Hamish Boyd. The Academy aims to transform health and social well-being through Medical Clowning in rural and urban India. The winner of “YES! – I am the CHANGE 2018 Grant and Accelerator Award by the YES Foundation, MeDiClown Academy is utilizing the grant to scale up operations and introduce this course for the first time in India.

According to Fif Fernandes, co-founder of MeDiClown Academy, “We are extremely elated to collaborate with an esteemed university such as Saveetha University to introduce this unique fellowship program. This will help us to achieve our vision of ‘Healing through Love, Laughter and Humour – A Healthy Happy India for All’. It will also develop job opportunities with a large pool of professionally trained MeDi Clowns”.

Hamish Boyd, co-founder of MeDiClown Academy added, “Our course curriculum has been designed after thorough research and selection of the right teaching methodologies. We are confident that our students will deliver the desired impact of MeDi Clowning on health and wellbeing outcomes in healthcare, educational, corporate and community settings.”

Dr. Saveetha, director of Saveetha Medical College and Hospital said, “As a renowned medical institution in India, we are happy to be the first to introduce this course along with MeDiClown Academy. With well documented research and studies, therapeutic clowning is now a global practice and career. Medical clowns add value in several work areas including private/government hospitals, schools, women self-help groups, traumatic and stressful environments such as in the Airforce, Army and Navy, amongst others.”

Saveetha Medical College, Chennai is ranked 25th by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF).

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