ICMR rolls out ICMR-DHR international fellowship programmes to augment capacity of Indian scientists

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In order to augment capacity of Indian scientists in emerging areas of clinical, medicine and health sciences, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has rolled out ICMR-DHR (Department of Health Research) international fellowship programme to create a pool of talented health research personnel by facilitating advanced training to the latest advancements in knowledge through interaction with the international scientists.

DHR-ICMR fellowship programme aims to provide advanced training in India and abroad to medical and health research personnel in cutting edge research areas related to medicine and health.

It covers 25 fellowships per year for short term international fellowships for senior Indian biomedical scientists for a duration of two weeks to 3 months. The age limit is below 57 years as on last date of receipt of application.

It also covers 40 long term international fellowships for young Indian biomedical scientists for a duration of of 6 to 12 months. The age limit for the same is below 45 years as on last date of receipt of application. Applications should be submitted online through the website portal of ICMR/DHR at http://www.icmr.nic.in: http://www.dhr.gov.in.

Details of the eligibility, format of application, terms and conditions and guidelines of the programme are available on ICMR and DHR websites. Last date of receipt of applications is December 15, 2019.

Department of Health Research (DHR) under the union health ministry is entrusted with the promotion and co-ordination of basic, applied and clinical research including clinical trials and operational research in areas related to medical, health, biomedical and medical profession and education through development of infrastructure, manpower and skills in cutting edge areas and management of related information thereto.

It is also mandated to promote and provide guidance on research governance issues, including ethical issues in medical and health research.

DHR also covers inter-sectoral coordination and promotion of public-private partnership in medical, bio-medical and health research related areas, advanced training in research areas concerning medicine and health including grant of fellowships for such training in India and abroad, international cooperation in medical and health research including work related to international conferences in related areas in India and abroad.

It also gives technical support for dealing with epidemics and natural calamities.

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