TN IPGA to launch health insurance plan ‘Sukaataara Paatukappu’ for its members on World Pharmacist Day

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The Tamil Nadu branch of the Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association (IPGA) will make the announcement of its mega health insurance plan for its members, ‘Sukaataara Paatukappu”, on September 25, the Day being celebrated as World Pharmacist Day (WPD).

A Rs one lakh health insurance policy will cover the medical expenses of hospitalized treatments of its members from 2021. Further the association will launch a statewide network platform for pharma industry academia under the banner, ‘Academia-Industry Coordination Centre (AICC)’ as part of the program on the day, said the secretary of TN IPGA, M Rajaratinam.

Talking about the health insurance scheme, he said the association’s core agenda is health protection of its pharmacist members who are all graduates in pharmaceutical sciences. Enrollment for the scheme will begin in October and it is anticipated that the group health insurance plan will benefit 2,000 member graduate pharmacists of the association. In the beginning the insurance coverage will be only for the members, but from the second premium the spouses of the members will be brought under the scheme.

The association secretary did not want to disclose the details about the insurance provider, but he said, TN IPGA has reached an understanding with a medical insurance company and both the entities will sign a MoU shortly.

“We are going to insure all our members. The maximum age limit prescribed is 70. The premium rate will be decided after the agreement with the insurance provider. In the beginning only the members are going to be insured, later their family members will be covered under the scheme. The medical insurance is only for in-patient treatments including all kinds of surgery and the maximum benefit is Rs one lakh,” said Rajaratinam.

As regards AICC, he said, for the mutual benefit of industry and institution TN IPGA plans to form the academia-industry coordination centre and its activities are planned reciprocally. In Tamil Nadu 70 pharmacy institutions are working and over 400 manufacturing units are functioning. The AICC will work out schemes for the welfare of the students and for the benefits of the industry. Simultaneously, students will be provided training in industrial units, help for finding suitable jobs, project work, experience in research and development (R&D) and their potential will be utilized for conducting market surveys.

On new projects on organizational part, Rajaratinam said the dormant branches of IPGA in Madurai, Erodu and Coimbatore will be revived in another three months. In next year or after COVID becomes normal, TN IPGA will start voluntary blood donation units in all parts of the state.

Association’s WPD celebrations are held this year virtually, earlier it was decided to hold a one-day program at SRM University campus.

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