Indian Pharma Market registers 4.5% growth in September 2020

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The Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) has registered a growth of 4.5% for the month of September 2020, after five months of COVID-19 crisis.

According to AIOCD AWACS report, the IPM has recorded sales of Rs. 1,42,868 crore for moving annual total (MAT) basis during September 2020.

Amongst the top 10 corporates, Mankind exhibited the highest growth of 8.4 per cent, followed by Torrent Pharma at 7.1 per cent. Amongst the 11 to 25 ranked corporates, Aristo exhibited highest growth of 13 per cent followed by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals at 15.4 per cent.

Amongst the 26 to 50 ranked corporates, Boehringer Ingelheim registered the highest growth of 22.3 per cent followed by JB Chemicals at 15.8 per cent. Amongst the 51 to 75 ranked corporates, Danone registered the highest growth 29.7 per cent followed by Merck at 16.9 per cent. Amongst the 76 to 100 ranked corporates, Reckitt Benckiser exhibited the highest growth at 30 per cent, followed by Llyod Hc at 23.7 per cent.

Cardiac has registered a monthly growth of 17.1% in September 2020 as compared to 11.5% in August 2020, while anti-diabetic registered growth of 6.5% as compared to 1.6% in August 2020. Respiratory medicines growth slumped to -10.5% as compared to -12.4% in August 2020.

Post lock down, the struggle for anti-infectives stood at -11.0% in August 2020 shows some revival, but still it is at 1.4% in September 2020.While associated therapy like gastro further dips to 5.5% as against -3.1% in August 2020.

Vitamins have bounced back, with growth of 16.3% in September as against 6.2% in August 2020. Pain and analgesics are at -4.3 % in September 2020 as against -9.8% in August 2020.

The NLEM 2013 containing molecules market showed growth at 8.7 per cent, whereas the non NLEM market registered growth of 4 per cent.

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