DBT invites research proposals in neuroscience for developing neurological tools and techniques

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The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has invited call for research proposals in neuroscience for developing the neurological tools, techniques and protocols for benefitting the Indian population through biotechnology based innovations.

The goal of the programme is to start the novel and innovative biotechnology based ideas in the domain of neuro-biotechnology for making available the affordable technology for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose and for routine examination by clinicians or for direct utilization by the patients. It is also to encourage the interdisciplinary approach for developing the world class neuro tools, techniques and protocols and for showcasing the proof-of-concept and fostering the start-up culture through encouraging the highly innovative solutions.

Currently, the situation is more serious in the younger generation and therefore, the diagnosis and treatment of the brain disorders arising out of genetics, psychology and pathological conditions is a huge task and extremely challenging, said the statement issued by DBT.

The focused area of the proposal is improved in understanding of directed motor movement and of cognitive function from neuronal activity and relating these to brain/neuronal pathology and for the development of predictive neural models especially rehabilitation tools for cognitive impairment, artificial cognitive systems, computing platforms and neuromimetic computers.

Another area includes creation of mobile based/assisted visualization tools and developing affordable, mobile advanced imaging techniques for understanding the brain activities in general, as well as the sequence of events for brain disorders and pathological conditions. To develop implants and robotic devices for either mitigation or significant improvement of neurological disorders including peripheral nervous system disorders especially the motor neuron related disorders.

It also includes development of protocols techniques and tools for decoding signals received or sent by the brain and brain stimulants especially non-invasive in nature.

The scientists/faculties, clinicians, engineers, computer scientists and biotechnologists or a team involving some or all of them are eligible for the proposal.

Last date for submitting the application is March 31, 2021.

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