Indian healthcare takes on paperless pathway to expedite patient care & vaccination protocols

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Indian healthcare is now taking on the paperless pathway to accelerate efficiency in patient care. In the wake of the COVID-19 vaccination protocols, going paperless is a booster shot to monitor the immunisation process.

The health sector which has traditionally relied heavily on paper-based processes, right from prescriptions and reports to discharge summaries and patient records, now recognises the benefits of going paperless.

For instance, one of the leading hospitals in the country opted for smart document solution with us. After the digital transformation, across leading hospitals in the country, doctors can now update patient discharge summaries and provide electronic approvals, wherever needed, through their smart phones. The hospital itself has perceived considerable improvement in operational efficiency. For example, going paperless has resulted in higher bed-turn rates. Needless to mention, they have been able to increase their savings as well with the elimination of paper, Arjit Bhargava, VP, Global Business Development, MSB Docs told Pharmabiz in an email.

The US-based MSB Docs which is a document digitization major with an Indian presence specializes in e-signatures too. The acceptance of document digitization is seen an indispensable tool across life sciences sector making practices efficient and transparent, he added.

Smart documentation is certainly a boon for patients as well. There is reduced wait-time for admission and discharge from hospitals. A case in point is the Discharge Summary Automation. With digital documentation in place, hospital can automatically generate and route discharge documents and reports. Besides, the communication has been streamlined as barriers have been removed through custom integrations. This assumes greater importance during medical emergencies as reports can be readily accessed. Also, documents with verified eSignatures can easily be shared for crucial health information. The web forms allow Onboarding of patients as an easy task, said Bhargava

As the hunt for Covid-19 vaccine got underway, MSB Docs provided electronic notebooks to the one of the first global manufacturers. It converted the whole paper-based process into a digital signing process. The chemists could feed in the data related to an experiment directly and the signatures from the witnesses were also achieved through an automated process. The foremost benefits of digital documentation for vaccine manufacturers and distributors have been with regard to quality assurance and control, drug discovery, clinical trials, risk assessment, packaging of medicines, facilitating data collection of participants and reports generation of Covid positive cases, said the company.

“What we have seen that paperless mode is a catalyst for the India COVID-19 vaccination programme. Vaccine and even drug development are ridden with cumbersome, time consuming and paper-based processes. While a number of documents need to be scanned, re-scanned, faxed etc, there is added paperwork when signatures and attestations are to be obtained from the witnesses for proof of discovery and patent defence for a vaccine, he said.

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