Clevergene eyes exponential growth in discovery genomics

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Clevergene, a company offering Genomics services for contract research and genetic diagnostics, is eyeing exponential growth in discovery genomics by expanding to markets in Europe and USA through strategic partnerships and physical presence at key geographies.

The company is in the process of series A fund raising to the tune of US$10mn to fuel the expansion plan and the fund will be used for increasing the throughput of samples that we can handle by acquiring latest DNA sequencing equipment, automation and upgradation of computational infrastructure.

The company’s mission is to assist humanity in decoding complex genetic codes to facilitate early detection of genetic disorders, personalised therapy and development of higher yielding crops or farm animals for a healthier, happier future.

Clevergene discovery genomics vertical will continue to grow by supporting R&D scientists across healthcare and pharma domain by providing cutting-edge genomics and data analytics solutions.

Tony Jose, Co-Founder & CEO, Clevergene stated, “The gene lab with its cutting edge genomics based diagnostics offerings is focused to solve diagnostics odyssey for patients with genetic disorders. The primary focus areas for our genetic testing solutions are post-natal diagnostics, pre-natal screening, carrier screening of early onset genetic disorders. We are adding non invasive prenatal testing for chromosomal anomalies and genetic screening of cancers into our test menu”.

The company’s internal R&D initiatives are focused on development of genetic testing products for precise diagnosis and personalised treatment of complex genetic disorders.

“Built on the principles of accurate science, clinician support and patient outcomes, we envision to make the gene lab India’s No 1 genetic testing Lab. Our tests are developed based on thorough research, cutting-edge genomic assays and AI driven data analytics principles. Our expertise in genomics, data analytics and human genetics provides us with a unique opportunity to deliver the most comprehensive, accurate and cost effective diagnosis to the millions of patients in India suffering from genetic disorders including cancer,” stated Jose.

Clevergene works with reputed scientific groups across India and abroad on a contract research outsourcing model to identify DNA mutations associated with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardio vascular Disorders, and several paediatric genetic disorders in a bid to develop genetic markers for early screening, diagnosis and personalised treatment. It empower partners in speedy discovery and development of these markers through discovery genomics vertical that combine high-throughput DNA sequencing and AI driven big-data analytics.

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