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Experts concerned over women’s health during corona pandemic

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Healthcare experts have expressed concern that the women’s health has been hit the worst during these trying times of prevailing corona pandemic in India.

Even though various studies have suggested that women are found to be less affected by coronavirus compared to men, however because of the pandemic the focus on the general health issues of women has taken a back step, observed healthcare experts in Hyderabad.

According to Dr Rooma Sinha, Professor and senior consultant gynecologist at Apollo Health City, even though women are less affected due to COVID-19, but their general health particularly with regard to reproductive and gynecological issues is on the back foot as many women are reluctant to visit hospitals to get the treatment fearing the risk of getting infected.

“COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a screeching halt. Particularly it has directly and indirectly impacted women’s health the most. In fact, the corona pandemic is one of the greatest challenges our generation has ever faced. Both economic and health consequences are enormous,” observed Dr Sinha.

Adding further she observed that apart from the reproductive and gynecological issues of women, the physical and mental health issues should also be considered. Moreover, rise in domestic violence and more importantly the lack of access to gynecological treatments during these trying times of healthcare emergency has further deteriorated the women health.

The contraception and safe abortion advice and accessibility must be insured to avoid unintended pregnancies. Other issues like abnormal episodes of bleeding during menstrual cycles, postmenopausal women with bleeding should definitely not ignore this symptom as there are concerns about gynecological cancer in this situation.

“COVID-19 has definitely impacted on the quality of life of women in India. Unlike earlier where women used to freely visit hospitals for the general checkups of their health are now reluctantly and are forced to bear their sufferings until it is too late. Therefore, it is highly recommended that women must reach out to gynecologists to address these concerns, either online or if possible with physical appointments, otherwise delaying can lead to situations that are more difficult to treat,” she said.

The expert said that women who usually suffer with chronic conditions like pelvic pain and infections, endometriosis or fibroids deserve attention and can be managed by medicines or with simple outpatient surgical procedures.

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